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Discover Four Little Known Facts about Wood

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Woodworking has had a continuous presence in human history since the early 8th century; from providing sturdy benches for monasteries to soft furniture for children’s bedrooms.

Even today, wood and woodworking is still vital to many of our daily lives from homes to offices! Of course, woodwork doesn’t just come in handy for structural and household purposes; there are also some fascinating facts that even veteran woodworkers may not have heard before!

Wood is known to have healing properties, as an old Chinese proverb states: “He who works with his hands is a laborer, he who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, but he who works with his hands and his heart is an artist.” Truly an art form worth learning!

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  1. The early 80s to late 90s saw a surge in the use and popularity of pine furniture, which was largely thanks to softwoods. Their easy malleability and the fact that they take wood finishes so well made them perfect for crafting chairs, tables, shelves, beds, and more. As a result, an entire industry of pine-based furniture and décor sprung up during this time period and is remembered fondly as something of an aesthetic trend. To this day, people often look back fondly on these pieces as unique products of their time.
  2. Biblical Hebrew is incredibly rich and versatile language, but its lack of distinction between ‘chair’, ‘throne’ and ‘stool’ can make it difficult to interpret. Even in context it’s sometimes challenging as depending on the situation, any one word can refer to a variety of seating options – with or without backseat. This confusion was hilariously illustrated in telling of the death of the priest Eli: he was sitting on what we would now assume to be a stool and fell over backwards, breaking his neck! This perhaps provides an earlier example of ironic humor in the Bible.
  3. The Dragons Chair, or “Fauteuil aux Dragons,” is a piece of furniture that has made history in the world of antiques thanks to its record-breaking sale price. Designed by Eileen Gray and sold to Yves Saint Laurent at an auction in 2009, it remains the most expensive chair ever sold with a selling price of approximately 28 million dollars. Interestingly, this modernist design dates to the 1920s, proving that age is no deterrent when it comes to the appreciation of quality craftsmanship and timelessness of form. As such, it stands as one testament among many to Gray’s remarkable ability as a designer.
  4. Japan is known for its elegant, understated aesthetic and its rich cultural heritage. Interiors of traditional Japanese homes have remained largely unchanged since medieval times, giving visitors a peek into what life was like in the past. Despite being centuries old, Japanese interiors still feel modern and inviting thanks to welcoming design elements like sliding doors and wooden flooring finished with fine tatami mats. Modern touches like natural light filtering through paper walls or minimalistic furniture add an air of sophistication that helps bring classic design elements into the present day. Whether you’re decorating your own home or just looking to explore Japan’s unique interior design styles, traditional Japanese decor provides timeless beauty that can be appreciated by all.

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