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Four Fantastic Facts about Wood that will Intrigue You

Wood is an excellent material for furniture and building, a balance of strength and ease-of-work that can’t be found in other materials. In fact, it’s such a delightfully versatile material that it’s the one most uses turn to when they need something strong yet easy to handle.

Just look at what you find in any furniture store: wood dominates the scene in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s chairs, tables or desks, dressers or chests, you’ll rarely come across any seller who doesn’t have wood somewhere in their lineup. Therein lies wood’s staying power: no matter what kind of product you’re looking for, there’s bound to be some with wooden construction somewhere.

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Here are four rarely known facts about wood:

  1. Many of us think of doors as entirely modern inventions, but in reality they have a long history. In fact, the oldest known door still in existence is incredibly old – it’s Neolithic and estimated to be over five thousand years old. This ancient wonder was discovered in Switzerland during the dig for an underground car park near an opera house in Zurich. As with many historical sites, its well-being has been preserved due to the intervening ages and it continues to demonstrate the ingenuity and expertise of our ancestors. Currently, conservation measures are underway to ensure that this priceless piece of history is shared with future generations.
  2. The dwarf willow might not fit the traditional tree-like appearance, but its title as the world’s shortest naturally existing tree is well-earned. Able to survive in some of nature’s harshest environments — arctic and sub-arctic zones — the miniature shrub stands its ground amidst an often snow-filled and dry atmosphere. While bonsais have become popular for their artificial tempering over time, the dwarf willow presents an impressive natural example of significant adaptation and environmental awareness.
  3. One of the best ways to get a higher return on investment for your property is to add architectural landscaping. Planting mature, large trees can increase the resale value by up to 7%, and in more affluent neighborhoods that number can go up to 10–15%. Having these trees adds beauty and appeal, turning your home into an attractive living space. However, if you have any hazardous or unhealthy trees, it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. Such a move may help fetch a higher price when reselling your property in the future.
  4. Holly may look like a small and unassuming tree, but its rich pale wood and decorative foliage has made it an important part of luxury furniture design, musical instruments and even painting supplies. In the lead up to the holidays, you can see skillful craftsmen crafting ornaments, wreaths, decorations and more out of holly to bring a festive feeling to people’s home. If you take into consideration the vast variety of holly species you will find around the world, it’s quite clear that this tree has artistry intertwined in its core. From delicate brush tips to durable wooden accents – displayed in an array of colors and shapes – it is no surprise that holly is widely acclaimed throughout the art world.

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