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What are some unknown facts about furniture?

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When it comes to furniture, there are some interesting facts that many people may not know.

First, furniture has been part of human societies since ancient times. The Oxford Dictionary dates its use back to the 15th century and suggests that the word came from French for a ‘portable object’. Archaeological discoveries often reveal pieces of wooden furniture in prehistoric dwellings-built thousands of years ago. These historic styles can still be seen in modern-day pieces—from grandly ornate armoires to elaborately carved chairs and beds, ancient designs endure through time!

Another fascinating fact is that buying furniture typically requires an investment in quality materials and craftsmanship—it usually isn’t inexpensive or ‘throwaway’ material like most household items. This means your purchase will last a lifetime and become an heirloom you can pass down through generations with pride! Crafting your own piece of art with woodworking skills is always an option as well!

Finally, many people don’t realize how much thought goes into creating a chair that provides comfort for hours on end. Ergonomic design plays a big role here when it comes to lumbar support for those long workdays or thread count if you want soft pillows at night (we’ve all experienced neck cramps from bad pillows!). When shopping for new pieces be sure you understand where they were made so you can ensure high quality—nothing beats walking into the store able to spot good craftsmanship from mediocre cuts!

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